Benefits Of Male Circumcision To A Woman


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Circumcision is the surgical procedure to remove the hood or the foreskin from the penis. It is one of the oldest surgical procedures performed in males. Circumcision is known to treat as well as prevent certain penile disease. Thus, for some men it can be highly beneficial and can provide relief from a number of foreskin-related problems. Apart from the benefits to men, male circumcision can be beneficial in certain ways to a woman as well.

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Here are the 6 benefits of male circumcision to a woman: 

  1. Enhanced pleasure- Around 95% circumcised men reported that their female partners claim to be more sexually satisfied after circumcision. Numerous researches also show that couples with circumcised male partners experience enhanced sexual pleasure. 
  1. Better hygiene- It can be a little tedious to maintain proper hygiene of uncircumcised penis. This is because the dirt, dead cells and harmful bacteria tend to collect under the foreskin. However, in the case of a circumcised penis, the hygiene can be easily maintained by just washing the penis everyday. Therefore, circumcision can save the man as well as the woman from contracting problems due to poor hygiene.
  1. Less chances of infections- Bacteria and other harmful microbes thrive better in moist and dark condition under the foreskin. Hence, females with uncircumcised male partners are at higher risks for catching infections like bacterial vaginosis, etc. In circumcised males the risk of passing infections both UTIs and STIs to the female partner reduces to a significant extent. Therefore, having a circumcised male partner keeps a woman considerably safe from dreadful diseases like HIV, syphilis, genital herpes, gonorrhea, etc.
  1. Reduced risk of cervical cancer- HPV infection is one of the major causes of cervical cancer in women. This virus can be transmitted sexually and according to studies, the prevalence of HPV and cervical cancer is much more prominent in women whose partners are uncircumcised. According to statistics, women with circumcised partners are 28% less prone to HPV. Therefore, circumcision can significantly reduce the risk of contracting HPV and consequently cervical cancer.
  2. Reduced chances of injuries– The incidence of penile injuries due to tight foreskin are common. The removal of foreskin in such cases reduces the chances of trauma, tearing of frenulum, scarring, etc of the penis. So, both the partners experience heightened pleasure as there is no risk for the male partner of having a penile injury during sexual intercourse.

  3. Long lasting intimate moments– In recent studies, many men have reported that circumcision improved their problem of premature ejaculation and made them last longer. This can enhance the sexual experience for both the man as well as the woman.

The aforementioned benefits clearly suggest that male circumcision can enhance the sexual and reproductive life for both the male and female partners. So, one can undergo the circumcision procedure without any apprehensions. The only thing you need to ensure is to choose a safe procedure as well as a reliable healthcare provider so that the surgery is seamless for you.

Which is the safest procedure for male circumcision?

Earlier, male circumcision used to be carried out through the open surgery procedure, which could be potentially risky and painful. With the advancements in technology and medical sciences, the modern procedure of laser circumcision has come into existence.

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The laser-assisted circumcision procedure has a very high success rate and is absolutely painless. Laser circumcision takes only 15 minutes to complete, after which the patient can return home. The entire procedure is 100% safe and involves no risk of complications or postoperative problems. The patient faces minimal pain and swelling after the procedure and can carry on with his work normally without any major discomforts. The downtime of laser circumcision is very short and the patient can recover completely and smoothly in just 2-3 days

Final Note

Circumcision is a common procedure males undergo nowadays and there is nothing to be fearful about. If penile or foreskin related issues are causing discomforts in the personal life, circumcision can act as an effective solution and resolve these problems for both you and your partner. And with the advanced laser technology, the surgical experience is simplified even more.

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