Balanitis Treatment – Surgery Procedure, Recovery & Risks

Balanitis is a fairly common condition that is characterized by pain and inflammation of the penis glans. Balanitis can be caused by various reasons. In most cases, it is caused by fungal or bacterial infections. However, other factors, such as poor genital hygiene, reaction to latex condoms, sexually transmitted infections,…

Dry Skin On Penis – Causes and Treatments

Dry skin on penis or a dry foreskin is a common condition that affects several men at some point in their life. Dry penile skin can be caused by various reasons. While in some cases, it can result from using dry soaps or not using enough lubrication during sex, in…

How To Treat Balanitis Permanently In A Day?

Balanitis is an inflammatory disorder of the penis that creates much pain, soreness and discomforts. It is the glans penis (head of the penis) that becomes inflamed in balanitis. Prevalence of this inflammatory penile problem is higher than what you might be aware of. Studies reflect that 1 in 10…

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