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What is circumcision?

Circumcision is a surgical procedure in which the surgeon removes the extra foreskin from the head of the penis. It is performed to cure and prevent various medical conditions such as phimosis, paraphimosis, balanitis or balanoposthitis.

Phimosis — It is a medical condition in males. In phimosis, the foreskin doesn’t pull back from the tip of the penis. Usually, a baby boy is born with a tight foreskin. The foreskin starts to retract with time. By the time the boy turns 3, this remains no longer a problem as the foreskin completely loosens up. Phimosis is a common problem in young boys which is cured on its own. However, in the case of adults, timely and proper treatment becomes essential as it may lead to infertility.

Paraphimosis — In this condition, the foreskin gets stuck behind the head of the penis. This can decrease the blood flow to the end of the penis. Paraphimosis is a medical emergency and it needs immediate medical attention. Delay in treatment can cause serious consequences.

Balanitis — In this condition, the head of the penis is inflamed or swollen due to many sexually transmitted infections such as skin irritation, thrush or any other skin conditions. Usually, circumcised men are not affected by this problem. Surgical circumcision is the best treatment available for this condition. Laser circumcision not only treats balanitis but also prevents the recurrence of the same in future.

Balanoposthitis — The glans penis and foreskin are inflamed in case of balanoposthitis. This causes pain, irritation, burning sensation, and unusual discharge from the penis. In some cases, this condition may also lead to skin erosion or lesions. Balanoposthitis may even cause difficulties during urination and sexual activities. In such a case, laser circumcision becomes the need of the hour.



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How circumcision is done?


During diagnosis, the urologist asks a few questions about the medical history of the patients and regarding prior infections or injuries to the penis. The urologist also asks if there is any effect on the sexual life of the patient due to foreskin-related problems such as phimosis, paraphimosis, balanitis, etc. Then, the urologist performs a close physical examination of the foreskin and penis. The urologist may also recommend urine tests or use a swab from the foreskin to rule out the presence of urinary tract infections. Foreskin related issues such as phimosis are considered a risk factor for Type 2 Diabetes. Hence, adults with phimosis may also be asked for blood or urine tests.


Laser circumcision is considered the most effective and permanent solution to phimosis and other foreskin-related issues in Jaipur. During laser circumcision, the urologist removes the extra foreskin from the head of the penis. It’s a painless and bloodless surgical procedure and the chances of infections or complications during or after this procedure are almost zero. Also, it doesn’t result in wounds or scars. The whole procedure takes around 10-20 minutes to complete. Laser circumcision can be performed in adults and infants very easily and smoothly. The recovery after laser circumcision is also quick and comfortable. Laser circumcision is a daycare procedure, so the patient can return home the same day after resting for a few hours at the hospital. 

Painless laser circumcision in Jaipur

Laser circumcision is a painless and permanent treatment of phimosis in Jaipur. If you want to get rid of phimosis in just a few minutes without facing any pain, you should contact us. We treat foreskin-related problems with laser circumcision in Jaipur. The whole procedure is absolutely bloodless and doesn’t result in wounds or scar. You will feel no pain and the chance of complications during or after laser circumcision is almost zero at our clinic in Jaipur.


Most advanced laser treatment of phimosis in Jaipur

Most advanced laser treatment of phimosis and other foreskin-related problems are available at our clinics in Jaipur. All of our clinics in Jaipur are fully equipped with modern and advanced medical technologies. We treat phimosis with laser circumcision. During this procedure, the extra foreskin from the head of the penis is removed surgically. This is an absolutely painless, bloodless, precise, safe and effective procedure. A number of clinics and hospitals offer open – also known as traditional circumcision, but we perform circumcision with highly advanced laser technique. Laser circumcision prevents and cures various penile disorders related to the foreskin. It is considered as the best and permanent treatment of phimosis, paraphimosis and balanitis. To get rid of phimosis in Jaipur permanently or get the most advanced treatment of phimosis in Jaipur, you should contact us. We have sound knowledge of circumcision and mastery of over laser treatment. Your laser circumcision at our clinic in Jaipur will be as seamless as you can ever imagine. We are just a call away to cure your problems for once and all.

We have highly experienced laser circumcision surgeons in Jaipur

We have highly experienced laser circumcision surgeons at our clinics in Jaipur. They have performed more than thousands of successful laser circumcision across Jaipur. With the expertise and advanced medical technologies, our team of expert surgeons are also changing the face of the healthcare system in Jaipur. Successful treatment and 100% satisfied patients are our top priorities. Our clinics are fully equipped with modern and advanced medical technologies.

The cost of laser circumcision in Jaipur or the cost of phimosis surgery in Jaipur is as high as 60k-70k. But we offer the same surgeries between 35k-45k at our clinics in Jaipur. If you have phimosis or other medical conditions related to the foreskin where circumcision is left as the only treatment option, contact us or visit our clinics in Jaipur. We will cure your problems permanently in a matter of no time.

Why should you choose laser circumcision?

Laser circumcision is a daycare surgical procedure where you don’t need hospitalization. You will be discharged on the same day after a few hours of rest at the hospital. It takes hardly 15-20 minutes to complete the whole laser circumcision. It is a painless procedure and doesn’t involve bleeding, pain, wounds or scars. You can resume your daily routine from the very next day and within a week, you will be completely recovered. However, you will be advised to wear loose clothes and avoid heavy physical activities for the first few days. Rest, you will be fit and fine. Below are the top benefits of laser circumcision.

  • Permanent solution of phimosis
  • Prevents the chances of penile cancer
  • Prevents balanitis and balanoposthitis
  • Lowers the chances of urinary tract infections (UTIs)
  • Lowers the risk of sexually transmitted disease (STDs)


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What our patient say

One of my friends was unable to retract his foreskin. Due to this, he got an infection in his groin region. He was having pain and inflammation while passing urine. Looking at the coniston, we booked an appointment and met an experienced urologist in Lajpat, Nagar Delhi. After performing a physical examination, the urologist recommended us laser circumcision. Since my friend was going through pain and discomfort, we agreed for the same. The urologist explained to us the benefits before performing the surgery. After completing all the formalities at the clinic. My friend was taken to the operating room where his circumcision was completed successfully in less than 15 minutes. After resting for a few hours, he was discharged. It has been more than a month now and he is completely fit and fine. Laser circumcision ended all his problems. Even if you are unable to retract your foreskin or you have phimosis, paraphimosis, balanitis or other problems related to your foreskin, we would recommend laser circumcision in Delhi. Manish bhatt

I was suffering from a very painful and discomforting condition called phimosis for the last 2-3 months. One day, a friend of mine suggested undergoing circumcision. At that time I had no idea what exactly circumcision is. But after searching and reading about it on the internet, I came to the realization that laser circumcision was the best and permanent solution of my problem. I searched about the best laser circumcision surgeon in Delhi and got my laser circumcision done at a hospital in Delhi. The whole surgical procedure was completed smoothly within 10-15 minutes. The laser circumcision was absolutely precise, safe and successful. It did not involve cuts, bleeding, pain or discomfort during or after the procedure. Everything went very smooth at the hospital. I feel good that I made the right decision to undergo laser circumcision. Amit singh


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