Sex After Circumcision – Everything You Need to Know

Sex After Circumcision

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Sex after circumcision – what, when, and how – these are some of the common apprehensions most men have.

Engaging in sexual intercourse before giving your incision wounds sufficient time to heal can lead to a multitude of complications to not only your penile health but also the overall well-being of your partner.

Often times though, patients ignore the directions and precautions set by their urologist when it comes to intercourse and start having sex with their partner before proper healing time is given to their penis.

So when can you start having sex after circumcision? Is sex better after circumcision?

In this blog, we will answer not only that but also the precautions you should take to ensure safe sex for yourself and your partner. 

When can you start having sex after circumcision?

Depending on the method of surgery you undergo, the time period for which your urologist may ask you to refrain from sexual intercourse is likely to vary. On average, urologists suggest that newly circumcised men should abstain from sexual intercourse for at least 6 weeks after circumcision. 

Advanced procedures such as laser circumcision can significantly reduce the time period to 3 or 4 weeks after circumcision. It is still advisable to consult with your healthcare provider before engaging in any sexual intercourse with your partner.

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Can circumcision affect sex life?

There are many myths and misconceptions about circumcision surgery and its effects on a person’s sex life. One such myth that is often talked about is that circumcision surgery can reduce penile sensitivity and, as a result, affect sexual pleasure.

Contrary to this popular misconception, circumcision does not have any negative impact on the sexual performance or sexual pleasure of a person. 

But is sex better after circumcision? Reports suggest that 64% of patients experience not only improvements in their sex life but also an increase in sexual pleasure after their circumcision surgery.

Alongside, some of the most commonly discussed potential benefits that circumcision may have on your sex life are given below:

  • Improvement in sex life: Many patients, especially the ones who undergo circumcision surgery as a treatment for conditions like phimosis or paraphimosis, report an improved sex life as they are no longer worried about any injuries or pain during intercourse.

  • Decreased chances of injury during intercourse: Due to the removal of the foreskin, chances of any injury or trauma to the frenulum, the small bridge of tissue connecting the foreskin with the head of the penis, are almost none. As a result, you can be a bit less worried about any injuries and enjoy greater sexual pleasure with your partner.

  • Better orgasms: After your circumcision surgery, your penis becomes slightly less sensitive. While this decrease in sensitivity does not have any long-term effects, some men report being able to last longer without ejaculating. This results in not only a better sexual experience for you but your partner as well.

Is it safe to have sex after circumcision?

Once your circumcision wound has healed completely, it is perfectly safe to engage in sexual intercourse with your partner.

After your circumcision surgery, it is likely that your urologist will schedule some follow-up consultations to not only check for signs of infection but any other postoperative complications that may require additional care or medications.

Once your urologist is assured that your recovery is complete and there are no signs of any postoperative complications, you can resume your usual sexual activity safely. 

Alongside, using condoms after circumcision for the first 3 months after surgery, should be promoted aggressively by not only your urologist but your partner as well. 

Precautions you should take for safe sex after circumcision

Following proper guidelines for safe sex after circumcision, is extremely necessary and should be practiced every time you engage in any sexual activity. Some precautions and guidelines that should always be followed to ensure safe sex after circumcision for both you and your partner are given below: 

  • Using condoms after circumcision every time you have sex should be heavily encouraged. When used correctly, condoms can significantly reduce chances of any Sexually Transmitted Diseases (STDs) and unintended pregnancy.

  • Avoid any kind of sexual intercourse until your circumcision wound has healed completely. Prior to engaging in sexual activities, it is advisable to consult your urologist first.

  • Think twice before beginning sexual relations with a new partner. It is always safe and advisable to discuss your history of STDs if you have any.

  • Limit your sexual partners. Engaging in any sexual activity with only one partner can significantly reduce your chances of contracting any STDs.

  • Be aware of your partner’s body and any symptoms of STDs. Look for signs of sore, blister, rash or discharge.


Engaging in sex after circumcision before giving your surgical wound any time to heal can result in serious postoperative complications that not only affect you but also your partner.

In most cases, urologists suggest abstaining from sexual intercourse for at least 6 weeks after circumcision.

Depending on the method of your surgery however, the recovery time, and as a result duration of abstinence, can vary by as much as 4 weeks after circumcision.

To minimize chances of any complications, it is always advised to consult your urologist before engaging in sexual intercourse with your partner regardless of your perception of healing status. 

If you are looking to undergo circumcision surgery or have any queries regarding the procedure, you can always contact us and consult our highly qualified and experienced team of urologists. So give us a call today!

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