From Experts- How To Heal Faster After Circumcision?


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The surgical procedure that involves the removal of the foreskin from the penis is called circumcision. Circumcision is among the oldest surgical procedures performed for medical and religious purposes. 

Circumcision prevents/cures various foreskin related problems like tight foreskin,stuck foreskin,  inflammatory conditions of the penis,etc. In addition to this, circumcision also significantly lowers the risk of contracting HIV and other other sexually transmitted diseases, and also makes it easier to keep the hygiene of the intimate area. 

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So, if your doctor has recommended you to undergo circumcision or you have willingly decided to go for it, you must know certain tips to heal faster circumcision.

Follow these simple tips to recover faster after circumcision:

  • Drink 7-8 glasses of water everyday and also increase the consumption of other healthy fluids. Coconut water and fresh fruit juices hydrate the body and restore the pH of the urine by reducing its acidity. Acidity of urine can cause pain and soreness , thus staying well hydrated is necessary.
  • Prefer wearing an underwear that can keep the penis in place than a loose fitting one. The loose underwear can cause discomforts and pain if there is a dressing on the penis.
  • Keep away from doing any rigorous physical activities like exercises that put pressure on the lower body, lifting heavy objects, etc. Indulging in such activities too soon after circumcision can result in swelling, soreness and prolonged healing of the penis. Therefore, you must consult your doctor before getting into any physically stressful activity for a few days.
  • Mild swelling and pain after circumcision is normal, so you should not use any unprescribed cream ointment or cream for the same. Doing so can cause you more harm than the benefit and may result in scarring or infection of the penis. In case, you experience unbearable pain or discomforts, immediately consult your doctor.
  • Keep the penile region clean and dry. Regularly change the dressing as suggested by the doctor. Refrain from taking bath within a few hours after circumcision. You can take a bath after 2 days of the procedure but avoid using soap or scrubbing the operated penile region. 
  • Adults are advised to not engage in sexual intercourse for 2-3 weeks after circumcision. Indulging in sexual intercourse before complete healing of the incisions can cause injury and complications related to the penis.
  • If needed, you can apply some petroleum jelly on the penis to get relief from the stinging or burning sensation while urinating.

These are the lifestyle related tips that help in the fast healing after circumcision. Further are the diet related tips to heal faster after the surgery.

Foods to avoid after circumcision

  • Junk and greasy foods- Junk and oily foods can interfere with the process of digestion and hinder proper bowel movement. As a result of this, the patient may feel excessive pressure on the lower body due to constipation. This can cause the postoperative discomforts to worsen and also prolong the healing of the wound. Therefore, it is not advisable to eat these foods for a few weeks after circumcision. 
  • Processed food items- Processed foods usually contain an unhealthy amount of sugar and salt. Also, processed foods are lined with chemicals and artificial preservatives. These can slow down the digestive system and the recovery after circumcision surgery. Hence, it is better to stay away from processed and packaged foods after circumcision. 

Foods that you should eat while recovering after circumcision

  • Dietary fibers- Fibers help to maintain proper bowel movement and therefore prevent constipation and the consequent pressure on the lower body. Hence, you must have fiber containing foods in enough quantities to recover faster after circumcision.
  • Protein- It is very important to have enough protein in your diet, especially after a surgery like circumcision. Protein helps in the regeneration of tissues and boosts antibodies formation that helps fight infections. Moreover, the collagen production is increased which promotes faster healing.
  • Vitamin C and D– Vitamins, especially Vitamin C and D play a critical role in the healing process after circumcision. These vitamins help in the synthesis of collagen and also prevent oxidative stress to enhance the healing after circumcision. 

Note– Nowadays, you have the option to go for the advanced laser circumcision procedure which is minimally invasive and does not involve any major cuts or stitches. After laser circumcision, the patient does not need to follow any major lifestyle restrictions or precautions. The patient can recover smoothly in just 2-3 days without any risk of complications. Thus, laser circumcision is the most preferred option that causes minimal discomforts and disruptions in the life routines.

So, if you have recently undergone circumcision, the above-mentioned tips will prove to be of benefit for you in healing fast. In case, you are still in the decision making process and want to know about recovery after circumcision, you know now which is the best procedure to choose. 

Take Away

It is understandable that thinking of a long recovery period full of discomforts and restriction can be stressful. But the recovery period can become short and convenient when you are already aware of the  do’s and don’ts after circumcision. So, follow the simple instructions and go for timely follow-up consultations with your doctor to ensure that there is no absolutely no risk of unprecedented troubles.

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