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    Experienced Doctors

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    Circumcision surgery is the surgical removal of the foreskin, the skin covering the tip of a penis. Circumcision is a relatively common procedure, as it is performed for various medical and non-medical reasons. Medically, the most common reasons behind circumcision surgery are foreskin-related issues like phimosis, paraphimosis, posthitis, etc. However, a large majority of people undergo circumcision for religious and cultural reasons, especially in Islam and Judaism.

    While open circumcision was the norm earlier, nowadays, there are safer and more effective circumcision techniques like laser circumcision and stapler circumcision (ZSR circumcision). Laser circumcision entails the removal of the foreskin using a high-energy laser beam, while stapler circumcision entails the use of a stapler device (anastomat) for foreskin removal.

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    Circumcision Surgery in Rewa

    Difference Between Laser and ZSR Circumcision: Cost, Recovery & Complications

    Given below is a tabular comparison of laser and ZSR circumcision operation cost in Rewa, along with some other factors:

    Laser CircumcisionZSR Circumcision
    Circumcision Surgery cost in RewaRs. 30,000 – Rs. 35,000Rs. 30,000 – Rs. 35,000
    Surgery time10-15 minutes10-20 minutes
    Recovery PeriodAround 1 week7-10 days
    Pain during recoveryMild pain and discomfortMild pain and discomfort
    Complications & Side-effectsNilComplications like tearing of foreskin possible

    Laser and ZSR Circumcision Procedure

    Laser Circumcision Procedure:

    During laser circumcision surgery, the urologist anesthetizes the penis and uses a laser beam to remove the foreskin. Since a laser is used, there are no cuts or bleeding, and sutures or bandages are generally not required. The procedure is non-invasive and painless. It is more effective than open and stapler circumcision surgeries and has fewer chances of complications. The recovery is also quicker, and patients generally resume their daily activities within 1-2 days. We provide affordable circumcision surgery in Rewa, so call to book an appointment.

    ZSR Circumcision Procedure:

    ZSR Stapler circumcision surgery involves the use of a stapler device called Anastomat, which is fitted around the penis. The stapler pulls off the foreskin in a quick motion and leaves a silicone ring in its place to cover the incision. The surgery is painless and effective, with minimal pain or chances of complications. Since there is a silicone ring around the cut, the patient doesn’t need any sutures. The ring falls off on its own within a few days when the penis has healed sufficiently. Book a free appointment with us to consult the best circumcision doctor in Rewa.

    Laser ZSR Stapler Circumcision in Rewa

    Best Circumcision Doctors in Rewa

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    Dr. Govind Trivedi

    27 Years Experience

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    Dr. Shantanu Chaudhary

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    Our Patients Review

    Our Patients Review

    They helped me with a very smooth surgery for Balanitis. I went through with the Laser circumcision. From the doctor to the staff, everyone has been very experienced and helpful.

    – Rohit Khanna

    I appreciate all the help, the complete staff worked together to make me feel better since I was suffering from Phimosis. Thank you so much to the entire team for helping me live a healthier life.

    – Manish Yadav

    Special thanks to the doctor and nursing staff for making sure my Circumcision surgery went smoothly and with no side effects. I was suffering from Paraphimosis and it has been a relief getting my surgery done.

    – Rahul Sharma

    Best Clinic for Circumcision in Rewa


    Pristyn Care - Kanpur

    C-37, Model Town 15th Cross, 4th Main Rd

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    Pristyn Care - Kanpur

    744,765, 766 Lakhanpur

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    Sanjeevni Hospital

    B-750, Barra 8, Barra, Kanpur

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    Lifetron Hospital

    O/PR-2,Awas Vikash Keshavpuram Sch-1 Kanpur

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    Dwivedi Hospital

    117/H-2/ 168-A, Pandu Nagar, Kanpur

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    Aditya Trauma and Medical Centre

    117/L/455, plot no 408, Double Pulia, Navin Nagar, Kakadeo, Kanpur

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    Factors that can affect the circumcision cost in Rewa are – choice of hospital/clinic, circumcision doctor’s fees, diagnostic tests required, post-surgery care cost, type of surgery, etc. It also depends on whether the surgery is covered under insurance- generally, only medical circumcision is covered under insurance.

    Medically, circumcision is used to treat the following conditions-

    • Phimosis: the inability to retract/stretch the foreskin from its position
    • Paraphimosis: the foreskin gets stuck in a retracted position and starts suffocating the penis
    • Balanitis: pain, inflammation, and irritation of the head of penis
    • Balanoposthitis: pain and inflammation of the foreskin and glans penis

    When choosing a urologist for your circumcision surgery, you should consider their qualifications and experience, patient testimonials, and referrals. If you are looking for an expert and experienced urologist, you can call us to book an appointment right away.

    Generally, only a physical examination is required before circumcision surgery. If there is pus or liquid discharge from the foreskin, the patient can also get a tissue culture for further assessment, but otherwise, a physical examination can help the doctor determine whether the patient should receive a circumcision operation.